What Does A Membership Get You?

All members will receive the following:

How To Join...

There are several ways you can join:

  1. At an official club meeting
    This is the easiest way to join. Simply come along to a meeting (Held on the 4th Tuesday of every month at 8pm, excluding December). To make life even easier, download and print out a membership form right here, and bring it along on the night. You will receive your keyring & sticker on the spot, and be able to have a chat and see what we’re up to.

  2. On a club run
    Similar to a meeting, you can also join at a club run or event (once again by printing out a membership form and bringing it along). However it depends on the type of event, as sometimes it might be a bit hectic, and we don’t usually have the goodies, club cash, or receipt book with us. If in doubt, contact the club or an individual committee member to discuss it further! (Please refer to the Contact Details area of this site)

  3. Via the post
    You can send us your completed membership form in the mail, together with a cheque or money-order for the correct amount made payable to “Eastside Cruisers”. To determine the amount, simply refer to the price list below and look at the current month of the year. Here is our postal address:
    Eastside Cruisers
    PO Box 958
    Bayswater, Vic, 3153

Membership Structure & Prices

New members can join Eastside Cruisers at any time of the year. Membership fee for a new member is $60 and $40 for renewal to an existing member. All membership renewals are due as of the 1st of July (ie. A membership is valid for a Financial Year).

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Club Membership Form: Download Now
Club Information Sheet: Download Now