Shannon's Pontiac

Year: 1964
Colour: Blue with white roof
Specs: Poncho is Shannons everyday driver - it took over daily duties when his Torana was taken off the road. It was running a fairly standard 350 Chev, rebuilt Powerglide with 2200rpm stall converter, and backed up by a VL Commodore diff. Shannon said itís a good thing it runs on gas as itís more than half the price of petrol at the moment!

When the car was first purchased about 8 years ago, the body came off the chassis as there were a number of cracks that appeared from 40+ years on the road. At the same time the suspension received an overhaul along with lowering the car a fair few inches! The front brakes were also upgraded to discs from a HQ as the original drums just werenít quite up to the task. Many standard diffs didnít survive, so the choice of a VL commodore diff was made as it is the perfect length.

Currently being installed is a new motor, as the old one is getting a little tired. A nice 383 chev with double hump fuelies and a mild cam.