Ryan's LX Torana

Year: 1977
Colour: Silver with SLR5000 blackouts


I bought my Torana as a 17 year old from the Trading Post. It was red, rusty, slow and pretty sad - so about 12 months of work every night after work out in the driveway got it to roadworthy spec. Once I got it on the road it didn't take long to want more power so I bought a 253 and a trans for a few hundred bucks, did some home porting, chucked on a set of extractors and an electronic dizzy and away I went. As much fun as driving a V8 Torana on your P's is - it's not the best idea, so I bought a more sensible daily and put the Torana away for a few years, dragging it out once a year to race at Heathcote.

The old 253 was getting a bit tired so I got hold of a complete 308 from a VK for $200 - score! I pulled the motor down to clean it up and while cleaning the pistons realised one had a crack right down the side. I measured the bore and it was still standard size so I got hold of some flat top pistons and put them in. It's a pretty basic motor: the cam is a Crow - the biggest I'm told you can go with standard valvetrain. I'm pretty happy with how the motor is considering how little I spent on the whole build but I'm going to keep the motor in for a while to see what I can squeeze out of it at Heathcote and have some fun out at DECA.

The rest of the car consists of an M20 Aussie 4 speed that I rebuiilt as a 2nd year apprentice and it's still going. I had a banjo in the car for a fair while that I rebuilt. It surprised me how long it hung in there. I upgraded to a 9 inch but that didn't last long as it was an unknown second hand unit and after about the 6th time I drove it everything let go. I've just got a new 9 inch setup that consists of 3.5 motive gears, Detroit Tru Trac, Strange nodular iron thirdmember case, Strange alloy pinion support, Strange chrome moly 1350 series yoke, and a set of 31 spline Moser axles.

Future plans:
Some decent wheels, most likely Convo's
Re-do the interior
T5 gearbox
VN heads
Big solid cam
Then once done playing with the 308 I'll move onto something with more cubes

Current Specs & Info