Michael's XE Falcon

Year: 1984
Colour: Snow White (no dwarfs)
Specs: Has a worked 6 cyl N/A, AU thermoís, very low and fairy stiff ride, rather noisy and unique exhaust note, recently fitted a T5 box and 3.89 with 28 spline axles and extremely tight LSD. Before I did any extensive work to it, it had a 2.92 LSD, 4 speed manual, mild cam and extractors with 2.5Ē exhaust and made 106kw and ran a best of 15.9 on a very hot day with a slipping clutch. Future plans: will soon be fitting a 4 barrel 465 Holley and manifold, surge tank, some H & M extractors, Fairmont light blue/grey velour interior with driver racing bucket seat (same trim), also have several Autometer gauges to be fitted to keep an eye on things. Once all thatís done will get it resprayed and want some 17ís for it, 8ís for the front and 10ís for the rear with a slightly deeper dish on the rear.