Iso's GTS Monaro

Year: 1974
Colour: White
Specs: I have had this 1974 GTS Monaro since 1996. Its gone through various changes over the years, as do all our rides.

A day of significance was the Eastside Cruisers Drag Day on the 18th December 2010 when it threw a leg out of bed and destroyed the engine, this became a problem as I didn’t have the money to fix it. I started to clean the car up with minimal cash flow while I waited and saved.

Wow before I knew it the car had been stripped and was upside down on a rotisserie. So you could say it became a snowball, the money had to be found. I found myself stripping the underside to bare metal and repainting everything. All bolts were zinc plated and slowly it started to come together. Burkesbodyworks repainted the outside of the car in the original white. Interior is part original and part new.

Fundamentally it is still a white Hq Monaro with a 355 Holden engine and T350 with 4:33 spooled nine inch. I have custom built a new dash with all ‘Speedhut’ Guages and Keyless start. All interior lights are red, (lol you all know I love red). I dynamat’d the whole car inside and out. Rigid aluminium fuel lines, custom brake lines, full custom wiring 95% hidden. My engine bay went from ‘keep it hidden’ to all pretty now. The engine is still a 355 holden, now has 6 inch H beam rods, forged pistons, big roller cam with 11.8 comp. Makes 608Hp at 7500rpm, which will be enough to cruise the blacktop. Last minute modification before getting back on the road was the purchase of a new set of wheels - Centerline Convo Banshees, with a shortened diff sets the car off well and compliments the new finished product.

There are lots and lots of small things that will never be noticed but help the car be what I wanted it to be. A big thank you to Charlie Vella for all his help in getting the car where it is, Leigh Burke for painting the car so shiny and Glenn Wells Engines for another awesome engine. I look forward to getting it out and cruising it as much as I can....