Debís EH Holden

Year: 1964
Colour: Mediterranean Blue


After years of growing up around EHís and dreaming about owning my own EH, I finally started to look for one. After months of searching, with lots of dead-ends and seeing heaps of rust-buckets, I ended up finding this one in Horsham! So an inspection was arranged. The guy was nice enough to meet us at Ballarat, I sat there anxiously waiting in the servo as I saw my beast drive in. I fell in love with it straight away!! The guy thought I wouldnít like the fact it was semi loud and the mods done to it, I couldnít express enough just how much I loved a beefy car that wasnít stock (I hate stock cars!). Me and Dad took it for a test drive, I was sooo excited that I had to let him drive it.

We drove home that night to think about it, and ended up buying it a week later and drove it all the way home from Horsham!

Since owning it the car has had lots of work done including - tinted windows, lowered 1 Ĺ inches, Pioneer stereo, speakers, sub and amp, custom boot install, upgraded fuel system (lift pump & surge tank), Torana front brake conversion, VS Commodore bucket seats, new retractable seat belts, and of course the Convo Pro rims.

Future, future plans will be to rebuild her completely, change of paint to a custom pink, a funky pink and white interior and some big shiny wheels. But then I want an EH Panny so that might come first!! But for now Iím just happy cruising her around and showing it at lots of cars shows, but unfortunately even with the fuel injection she seems to guzzle juice!!!

Since joining the Eastside Cruisers, Iíve been having a blast bringing her out on various runs and giving fellow members the wolf whistle!

Current Specs & Info

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