The Hall of Fame Honors:

Grant's/Tony's XY Ford Falcon

Year: 1971
Colour: Electric Blue with GT blackouts

I purchased the car back in 2001 from Queensland (I could not find any good examples in Victoria at that time). I had it trucked down and found out shortly after that the engine needed a rebuild and decomping (the guy I bought it off told me that it ran on pump fuel; it pinged it's head off) and the brass button clutch was buggered, so I started a 2 month rebuild (so I thought, it took around 11 months) and found that all I could reuse from the original engine was the crank, water pump, 4V SS Mildon valves & bare heads, I could not even reuse the original block (all the ports where oval). After I got it back on the road I found all the stress of the build was worth it.

About 18 months ago I took her off the road again to replace a buggered brake booster and thought to myself while I have the booster out it makes it very easy to get to the wiring in the engine bay so I started a full re-wire and since then I have found plenty of other things to do, too long to list. I'm looking to have the XY back on the road for this summer, cross your fingers for me! -Grant.

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