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Tony's HZ 1 Tonner

Owner: Tony
Car: HZ Holden One Tonner
Year: 1978
Colour: Custom Toyota Echo Millenium Gold Paint

Engine: 308, Crane cam, slight head work, 650 Holley, custom headers, Holley NOS Super Power Shot nitrous setup (100HP shot), ICE Digital 7AL ignition with adjustable curves, Holley Red fuel pump.

Trans: Race-prepped Trimatic with full manual valvebody & Dominator 9 4000rpm stall convertor.

Diff: 10 bolt Salisbury with VK Brock Director LSD 3.08 centre.

Wheels: 15 x 4 and 15 x 10 Centreline Convo Pros with 165 Nankangs and 275/50 BFGs.

Interior: Re-upholstered VS seats, matching door trims, GTS dash, Hurst Quickshift, Alpine CD tuner & JL Audio splits.

Suspension: Monroe shocks & springs with 3 drop front and reset leaves with 4.5 drop rear.

Polished wood tray, Autometer gauges, K&N 7 high-rise filter through bonnet, GTS mirrors, detailed engine bay with Gilmer belt drives, AU thermos, flamed billet accessories, polished overflow & washer tanks, relocated battery under tray.


Here is my One-Tonner and what Ive done to it over the past couple of years since owning it. Ive done a fair bit of work in a short time but I was lucky coz when I bought it all the hard stuff had already been done!!! I bought it with 15 x 6 and 15 x 8 Weld racing rims. It has custom Toyota Echo Millenium Gold Paint and a polished wood tray.

The engine is a 308 with Crane cam (specs in between a 286 and 292 crane), slight head work, 650 Holley, Holley red pump and custom headers. Bolted up to this was a Trimatic with stage 2 shift kit and 2500 stally. And down the rear was a single spinner 10bolt Salisbury diff, now fitted with a VK Brock director LSD centre and 3.08 gears. The interior consists of re-upholstered VS seats, doors in matching trim, new carpet and headlining, original wood grain/yellow needle GTS dash and a Hurst Quick-shift.

The Tonner copped all brand new suspension throughout, with Monroe shocks and springs up front with 3 inch drop, and Monroe shocks and reset leaves with 2 1/2 blocks (4 1/2 inch drop) in the rear. My main additions included the Alpine CD tuner & JL audio splits, Autometer Cobalt series Monster tacho & Ultra-Lite water temp and oil pressure gauges on cowl, and a K&N 7inch hi-rise filter.

With basically a stock 308 and the sh*tty single spinner, the Tonner managed a wheel spinning 14.9 @ 99mph with a 2.6 60ft. Next mods on the list were to replace the original Draglite rims with Cragar Prostars. I also cut the hole in the bonnet for the hi-rise filter to poke through!! And then I added the Holley NOS Super Power Shot Nitrous setup (100HP shot). When tuned with the NOS the power spiked from 161rwkw to 215rwkw and the times on the strip dropped from a 14.2 at 95mph to a 12.8 @ 103mph The Tonner sat like that for about 6 months until recently I got motivated to do some more work...

And finally, the latest installment... I sold off the Cragar Prostar wheels and tyres and bought a new set of Centreline Convo Pros 15 x 4s with 165 Nankangs on the front, and 15 x 10s with 275/50/15 BFGs on the rear. I reckon these just set it off wicked and give it a much tougher stance. Ive also fitted up new auto a race-prepped Trimatic with full manual valvebody and Dominator 9" 4000rpm stall converter. Hoping for flat 12's with the new set up. A few more little things Ive done of late include painting up the block in gloss black, installing WB Caprice centre console, installing fibreglass pods in the doors ready for my splits to go in, and moving the monster tacho up onto the steering column.

Its never complete unfortunately for my wallet!! I have just purchased an ICE Digital 7AL ignition setup for it which will go on in the next few weeks, I was attracted to it due to it being Aussie made and has all the adjustable curves for my nitrous setup. (Will surely be an upgrade and a half over my points ignition!). Once Ive had it tuned properly and up the NOS shot to 125HP, it will be time to head out to the track to get my low 12... Then probably the next major thing will be finding a 9inch setup for it to replace the Salisbury and get the new tray fabricated incorporating wheel tubs. After that I will start slowly building the new motor for it.

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