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Daniel's HZ Panelvan

Owner: Daniel
Car: HZ Holden Panelvan
Year: 1978
Colour: Red

The story of my Van starts in early 2000, when it was becoming apparent that my HJ Caprice had a terminal case of cancer. After much searching I found a van in Diamond Creek. It was stock, 253 M20 and 10 bolt, but it had no rust. The paint was 6yrs old at the time and was pretty faded but it was a clean looking car. It stayed this way for about 7 months, then it started..... I fitted the 308/T400 from the Statesman and lowered it. I also fitted the Statesman front. About 6 months later I fitted the 9inch from the Stato and the wire wheels from it too. It stayed like this for about 4 years, then I bought the 454. At the same time I fitted the big brakes and the Rally wheels. I'm always adding to it (aren't we all) but paint is one thing I really want to do, but being broke I will have to learn to do it myself and I can't have the car off the road because it's a daily driver, so who knows when that will happen.

Here are some specs:

Engine Specifications:

Engine Misc.:


Fuel & Tuning:



Suspension, wheels & tyres:



- Daniel

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