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Charlene's Toyota Supra

Owner: Charlene
Car: 1993 Toyota Supra 2 door Coupe


The Beginning

Well this is how it was in the beginning. I always liked the look of sporty cars, particularly imports and Japanese cars. Way back years ago before I found out about the exsistence of supras I loved celicas and every time I saw one I used to think "when I can drive I want one of those" but with age came wisdom and I soon found out about other cars such as a supra, and I fell in love with it from the start. Seeing that my real favourite car, a Ferrari Modena, yes in red of course, was a little out of my price range (ok waaay more than a little ) and there weren't too many good supra's around (not that I could afford them either) I decided I better look for something else in the meantime. I started out driving a Hyundai Excel for 3 years while I picked up some driving experience and saved some money for my real car. That doesn't mean I didn't have my fun with it ended up with a Bodykit, tinted windows and a mad sound system in it!

When the time to buy a new car came around I looked at buying a VT commodore for a while, after much looking and a few test drives I came close to purchasing one, but it just didn't seem right, I could not deny that I really wanted an import, this was evident every time a skyline went by, which was becoming more frequent at this point in time. The time of the import had arrived, and someone just so happened to mention in conversation to me one day that one of my dad's mates is now importing cars and I should go talk to him about a car, and so I did. After telling him what I was after, and test driving a few skylines he had available, it was just a waiting game and very soon my supra was on its way to me. When it arrived from Japan, it was stock standard with 72,000km on the clock. The picture below shows how it looked when I first got it, this picture of my car was actually taken in Japan just before it was sent over to me.It arrived here in Australia at some stage in August, and after compliancing, it was mine to drive from about mid September 2003.

SOQWIK - Stage 1

At this point in time I was at uni and wasn't able to afford too much, so my car was still stock under the hood, and I just began working on little bits here and there on the inside and outside. The first thing of course was the wheels, as during the compliancing we had to ditch the jap tyres and put on some new ones so I chose some Faulkens and put on some 17" chrome mags in a style called Vixen. The next thing to be done was to get my windows tinted, with Formula One tint. Some time soon after this I blew up my speakers, so I happily ditched the original Toyota stereo & speakers and replaced them with a VDO Dayton sound system featuring 4 speakers and a head unit with mp3 functionality, with the plan to later add my amps and subs. At this point most of it still looked quite similar though as it was still pretty stock.

The Plan

While surfing the net browsing for cool car pics as you do when you have some mods in mind, I came across this picture of supra done in silver just like mine with a Veilside Series II bodykit, and I thought that it looked absolutely fantastic. I knew immediately that I had to have that kit on my car eventually. Then of course there was the popular movie "The Fast and the Furious" that sparked even further interest in imports and made people take notice of supras even more, so it was really all the inspiration I needed. I ask you, which supra owner does not enjoy watching the scene where the orange supra totally kicks ass against the Ferrari??

So once I had this picture, the thought was never far from my mind. I now had an image, an idea to go on, a dream to attain...a plan to follow. Of course I knew it wouldn't happen quickly though, but I have patience, and it was a start, as I didn't want an exact copy, I wanted my car to be my own using my ideas, done how I like it, it had to be unique to me. And so the plans for some bodywork began, starting with a veilside bodykit, and then who knows?....How about some lamborghihi style doors?

SOQWIK - Stage 2

Well here it is! The second stage of my work in progress. My car now looks a little different after the bodywork and respray. It now features a Veilside Series II bodykit consisting of a front bar, side-skirts and rear pods, with Blade guards and a custom bonnet for a little customisation to give it a unique look. I decided to remove the spoiler altogether. It was resprayed in a brighter silver with a glitter effect that can be seen in sunlight. A recent picture of it is shown below.

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