VicRoads Club Permit Scheme (CPS)

Eastside Cruisers CPS Information:

Eastside Cruisers has its own policies and processes a member must go through in order to gain approval to nominate a car for a club permit. The below criteria must be met in order to obtain our endorsement for a club permit:


The process for obtaining approval from Eastside Cruisers is as follows:

  1. Ensure that you’re a current financial member of Eastside Cruisers.

  2. Complete the ESC Club Permit Scheme Application form and email that, along with photos of your car to the club email account –

  3. Once your car has been pre-approved by the Eastside Cruisers Club Permit Scheme Officer, you will need to present a current RWC to show that the car is safe for road use.

  4. Fill out the VicRoads Club Permit Scheme application form and bring it with a copy of your RWC along with proof of vehicle ownership to have the authorised signatories sign off on your application. This is best done at either the Club’s General Meeting on the fourth Tuesday of the month, or other arrangements can be made.

  5. Your vehicle must be inspected and passed by our Club Permit Scheme Officer. Regardless of presentation or RWC - if the vehicle doesn’t meet our standards we reserve the right to reject/cancel the application.

  6. Once signed you will need to visit VicRoads with your paperwork, pay your fees and obtain your Club Permit plates.

  7. Once completed you will need to advise the Club Permit Scheme Officer of your Club Permit number so you can be added to our database.

From there, we expect to see you and your car on at least two club events or meetings each year. Share the passion with fellow enthusiasts - it's why we started this club!


** CPS is not an avenue to bypass engineering approval for a vehicle and getting it on the road. Vehicles that have had significant modifications will be considered on a case by case basis, and may not be approved if they are deemed to be too modified. A current RWC is the strongest argument that the car is safe for highway use, and a VASS certification will be necessary for those vehicles that do not comply with VicRoads VSI 8 **