Night Cruise To The Pancake Parlour

30th April 2003

Well what can I say other than what a fantastic night. It all started at Club Kilsyth with a large 26 cars showing up to participate. It was great to see people from both the Torana and AusRotary forum’s also show up and lend some support.

There was a great mixture of cars which included Torana’s, Commodores, an RX7, RX2, Magna, Hillman, Monaro, Falcon Ute, HZ Sandman, Evo Lancer, Silvia and an EH Holden. We all left the car park together however it wasn’t long before we were travelling in smaller groups.

Both the roads through Eltham and Warrandyte, and the final destination of The Pancake Parlour in Doncaster was a great choice. Although there were some rather windy roads, it was a very relaxing and enjoyable cruise. The only hassles had for the night was the visit to one of the club members from the local Eltham police, however it all worked out well and no pineapples were handed out. The reason for being pulled over was as simple as the boys in blue were having a quiet night and it was too early to head back to the station, so they thought they’d pull someone over and admire a nice car and talk a bit of S*#T for a while! It was also good to see some of the people on the cruise pull over about 500m up the road and wait, it showed great support which was much appreciated.

Once reaching the final destination at about 9.00 – 9.30pm some club members that couldn’t make it on the cruise showed up and met us at the pancake parlour and joined in on some of the fun. We all sat down for a nice meal, snack or drink over some good conversations. All in all it was a great night and Dave should be congratulated for organising such an enjoyable evening. I’m looking forward to the next night cruise.

- Renee Carbone