Observation Run

29th March 2003

Well what can I say? The first ever Eastside Cruisers Observation Run went off without any problems, unless of course you want to count missing sheds!! For Sarah & myself it had been a hectic few weeks in the build up to the big day. I got the job of driving as Sarah hunted far and wide for weird, wonderful & wacky clues. Left here, right there, STOP - We need to write that down, ok left again, hang on let’s try that road instead, and I think you get the idea...

After finalising the route & organising food, props & paperwork we were all set to go. We were both up bright & early on the Saturday morning, loading up our cars with balloons, entry forms, clues, lists etc and we headed off to Club Kilsyth to find a suitable spot in the carpark.

Before too long people began rocking up. Although the numbers were not as strong as we’d hoped for (we had 16 entered cars & 38 people), it made things a lot easier to keep track of and manage, which is probably a good thing since it was the first time we’d organised a car rally! Sometime shortly after 10am, cars began to leave in small groups. As I headed off to get to my meeting point I couldn’t help but laugh as cars were going in every direction! Up and down roads, hunting for clues and signs, slowing down the traffic flow!! Confusion. Mayhem. I love it!!

After pulling over at the first stopping point to collect their second set of clues, everybody made their way up to a little picnic ground where we were waiting to greet them. The challenge: Apple Bobbing!!! Quite a few looks of horror. Many laughs. Some people just handed over cash in order to get their final set of clues!!!! I can’t blame them, but it was a classic watching how wet everyone managed to get in their quest to get their stupid apple out of the bowl!!! We saw many different strategies too, ranging from “whole head in bowl”, to “neck grab”, to “hat in mouth and scoop apple out”. Nice one that last one!!! After that was over, it was on to the final leg of the journey...

By early afternoon, we all ended up at the Ferntree Gully Picnic Ground at the Dandenong Ranges National Park. It turned out to be a really nice spot! A big thanks to my Mum & Dad for meeting us there with all the fresh food & drinks – much appreciated! Just about everyone had arrived before too long so we fired up the barbies and cooked up a lunch provided by the club. It was great to see a few new people along on the day, and also fantastic to have a few members along from the 60-80’s Holden Enthusiasts Club! As for the results – the top three teams were only separated by 3 points! To the winners Mel & Sam , well done guys!!

- Brett

A Few Things Sarah & Brett Didn’t Tell Us...

- Mel & Sam