Mt. Donna Buang

18th May 2003

Well it was a cold day that greeted us on this particular Sunday. One minute the weather was looking absolutely terrible, and then the next minute the clouds blew over & the sun came out! Sweet – good decision to take the Chev out for a cruise after all!! Even though it had turned from a blue car into a brown car! We decided not to bring the newly completed club BBQ trailer along, so instead we pulled over in a little town on the way to grab some food.

Our convoy consisted of 11 cars, which wasn’t all that bad considering the initial look of the skies prior to leaving. There were a few Commodores, Torana’s, and RX7’s, as well as a HZ panel van, a Hillman Gazelle, a Falcon sedan and a Ute. It turned into a nice drive up Mt. Donna Buang, with some really nice stretches of road. We parked the cars in a nice big line & most people then gathered around the fire to warm up a bit. A couple of us headed up further to the Summit, before coming back down due to a severe lack of visibility!

We then decided to head off on a little walk, so off we went to the beautiful Rainforest Gallery. And here’s today’s nature lesson kiddies - this is a walk through the tree tops – it features a 40 metre long observation platform (one of only three of its type in Australia), which takes you into the rainforest canopy 15 metres above the ground. A 350 metre long elevated walkway takes you through the Rainforest Gallery where you can see magnificent 65 metre tall old growth Mountain Ash trees, ancient Myrtle Beech trees (many of which are 300 to 400 years old), ferns, mosses & other plants that make up this diverse rainforest environment. We were also able to hear the sounds of Cement Creek flowing past on its journey to the Yarra River. End of lesson.

And that was pretty much all for the day, so we jumped back in the cars and headed on home again!

- Brett (Shubes)