Go-Kart Day – South Morang

6th July 2003

What a fantastic day! No doubt about it - I couldn’t see a single person who wasn’t having a blast out there! And talk about mayhem! There were stacks. There were slides. There were broken karts & frustrated drivers all over the joint! But it all made for some great racing…

It was the usual drill in the morning, a big gathering in the good old car park of Club Kilsyth. We headed off in the direction of South Morang to the Grand Prix Training Centre. Rocking up sometime around midday, we watched some others out on the track for a while. A couple of privateers were absolutely belting around in some pretty serious karts. I wondered if ours were going to go that fast. After working out what we were doing, we randomly picked our teams. The package we chose meant 6 teams with 3 people on each. So out went the first group to start off the day. There were some rather spectacular slides and spinouts around the main tight corner, and the back straight had most people paddling their arms madly in an attempt to gain more speed. Yep, the mighty hire karts had some grunt alright.

Anyway, after their laps were completed, the drivers came in for a quick pit stop and driver change. At this point strategies were discussed and tips were whispered in order to get those karts around the circuit as quickly as possible. I recall Mark saying something along the lines of “Just keep it floored the whole way – but you might want to back off going into the tight corner!” Seemed like pretty good advice if you ask me! So out went the second group in a fiery blaze of burnt rubber. There were some early casualties, as one kart broke it’s steering! Nothing a quick changeover didn’t fix though. Everyone was having a great drive when of course it was time to pit again & hand over the reigns, ahhh, the wheel, to the final drivers. And out they went to finish the day. The last race definitely provided some good laughs, with great challenging for positions & some awesome (silly) stacks! My vote for ‘Play Of The Day’ went to the very sideways on purpose slide from Lee as he came up to the front straight but it all went drastically wrong as the kart smashed into the wall! That’s momentum for ‘ya! Classic!!

And that was our attempt at Go-Karting! Well done everyone for great, friendly racing and congratulations to all the winning teams. You’ll have to work hard to defend those medals, as I’m sure another go-karting day will be on the horizon in the future. Until then, stay on the gas…

- Brett (Shubes)