Easternats – Sandown Raceway

18th-20th April 2003

The Easternats were held over the Easter long weekend and as a club we were there in force. We managed to get some carports for the exclusive use of members, which was great as it gave us a central position to return to over the course of the weekend and to leave tools and lots (I mean heaps) of spare tyres! With ten or so cars entered into everything they could manage, we made sure we were seen! By the end of the weekend we were all getting quite used to hearing the clubs name being announced over the PA system as somebody else was out there frying tyres or cutting laps!

Here are everybody’s responses to our Easternats questionnaire :

Highlight of the weekend?

  • The interest shown in the BBQ trailer
  • Sideways in 2nd (auto) in my own oil
  • Getting to know everyone a little bit better
  • Destroying tyres
  • Beautiful weather for all 3 days
  • Big skids on front straight
  • The Street Drags
  • Watching the club performing so well
  • I love the smell of burnt rubber in the day time
  • Dave making the burnout finals
  • Super big skid to end cruising on Sunday
  • Not breaking anything
  • Burnout finals, with Dave in the Monaro
  • Getting Easter eggs from Renee & Kath
  • Going in Keith’s beast, Yay!
  • Watching burnouts
  • Wheelspin in 3rd gear
  • Had fun

Did your entered car perform well? Any problems?

  • Clutch problems, not enough stockies
  • In Paul’s Ute – small gyroscopic malfunction but the driver compensated well
  • Went like a dream except for the broken heater hose
  • Had brake problems, oh and steering problems
  • Dumped oil all over start line of Street Drags on Sunday – caught fire & got towed home
  • Went well all weekend – little scare when I thought I’d popped it!
  • Suffered a minor lack of tread on the rear tyres
  • FN ACE! It loved it above 5Grand, never been above 4800!! I prob blown heater hose
  • Destroyed tyres
  • Split oil hose

Favourite event entered/watched?

  • Entered for the cruising & loved it, but favourite was the street drags
  • Time trial
  • Cruising, watching club members hoon past
  • Drags
  • Watching our 3 cars do wicked skids in the burnout comp. Congrats to Dave for making the finals, Commiserations to Gordz for missing out by .5 of a point
  • Burnouts of course!!
  • Go to Whoa / Burnouts
  • Street Drags
  • Cruising when I could video tape everyone having fun
  • Listening to the crowd trying to ask about the barby trailer, wondering about why they haven’t done it
  • Time trials – sideways with Bust A Move cranking on the stereo and making Kelly laugh

Did you feel that Eastside had a big presence at Easternats?

  • Yes – especially with the BBQ trailer
  • Eastside did a great job
  • Very well represented and favourably announced throughout the days
  • Definitely – in our club t-shirts and jumpers & friendly nature of all members when people approached us
  • Fantastic – big congrats especially to all who made the BBQ trailer happen
  • Well represented by all members in both events & while on display
  • Lots of people stopped to look at all the club cars

Other Feedback:

  • Needs better policing of burnouts
  • Great to see the BBQ trailer finished!
  • Would be good to have Male & Female classes
  • The club did a great job of getting the name out there
  • Club were fantastic – they’re a very supportive & loyal group of people who made me proud to be associated with them. The weekend proved how spirited & committed everyone is to each other & our club. I am proud to be an Eastside Cruiser.
  • Next time a spa trailer beside the barby???