1st Annual Dyno Day - Bulleen

14th June 2003

The official results in order of appearance
Adrianís Blue Sandman Panel van 140.8kw
Brett Smytheís Daily LH Torana 163.7kw
Leighís Daily Green VH Commo 77.5kw
Daveís Gold HJ Monaro 131.8kw
Benís Daily Blue Gemini 43.0kw
Simonís White RX7 76.5kw
Kevinís White XR8 Falcon 125.3kw
Alistairís White RX7 211.1kw
Markís White TX5 turbo 88.3kw
Timís RX2 Daily (suffering lean out) 39.3kw
Geoffís Mazda 1300 30.0kw
Billís Series6 RX7 220.6kw
Paulís Silver Falcon Ute 165.4kw
Jodieís Blue VH Commo 86.3kw
Camís Grey LH Torana 128.8kw
Simonís RX2 Sedan 248.9kw

It was a wet and foreboding day that faced us for the 1st annual Eastside Cruisers Dyno Day. We met at Club Kilsyth, just for something different, at around 9.30ish and once we had everyone headed off towards Bulleen. With a few less cars than expected it looked like it may be a short day. This changed during the day with a few late arrivals and a couple of mates, mateís cars showing up at the end of the day! In all, 20 cars gave the rollers a spin with mixed results, some of which impressed and some which disappointed.

The most notable results for the day being the least power produced being a Mazda 1300 which stormed out (or rather screamed out) a massive 30kw. The surprise of the day being Brett Smytheís daily driver LX Torana that squeezed out a tidy 163.7kw, which raised a few eyebrows! The club BBQ was fired up sometime after midday and sausages in bread and cans of drink were available at a moderate donation to the club. The cooking was done between sun (?) showers by some of the members, thank you guys and also the people who ran off and purchased more supplies as we ran out, thanks to you too.

The fire under the dash on the Gun Metal Grey Torana caused a bit of excitement for a while. My RX2 with full exhaust this time made a healthy 248.9kw, which I was happy with. There were a few late model cars put on at the end of the day which I didnít catch the figures of as we packed up the BBQ. Those who were keen stayed around to watch them.

The aim for the day was fun and I believe that plenty was had by most people there. A few hard-luck notes to a couple of members on the day: Daniel didnít get the car together in time for the day, Adam (Gords) who had a valve spring break the night before trying to tune for the day at another dyno. Dave who had issues with his rear brakes dragging on his Monaro while the car was on the dyno. Not to mention Quentin, who shortly before he planned to put his Torana on the dyno, managed to smash 2nd gear.

So thatís it crew. Thanks to all those who came to play and spectate. Like to also thank some of the Rotary forum users who came along too. Next years will be bigger and better Iím sure.

- Simon