Dromana Drive-In Night

18th October 2003

It was a welcome surprise to arrive at Club Kilsyth in shorts and a t-shirt after the previous few cruises have all involved wind and sub zero temperatures. It was also a welcome surprise to see more Fords in the parking lot than Holdens! (nearly). After the usual chitchat, we got underway, with quite a variety of cars. We had old and new, fast and slow, shiney and not so shiny! Everything from Toranaís, Falconís, WRXís, Mazdaís and even a Toyota Supra along for the ride.

Two corners from Club Kilsyth, I had a truck screech to a halt behind me and lose his load of pipes off the front, nearly collecting my car in the process. Perhaps this was an omen for the trip, which was far from uneventful!

However, after cruising past Arthurís Seat, with a purple sunset in the sky, we hooned down the hill into beautiful downtown Dromana. It was fantastic to see the long line of cars winding their way down.

Everyone grabbed a bite to eat from the struggling local fish and chip/ Chinese shop, then moved up to grab a prime spot at the drive-in. With a choice of three movie screens, there was something for everyone. Even after dark, we were all still hanging around and sipping on drinks in our summer gear, as it was still bloody good weather.

Most people got settled in front of Angelina Jolie or Bad Boys II, followed by The Italian Job. After watching The Italian Job, most people seem to want a Mini for some reason (or the Aston Martin Vanquish).

Highlight of the trip for me was the bright orange Falcon that joined us for the second movie. It was a sweet looking car, looked perfect at the drive in. Even the one-eyed Holden fans could appreciate that it just looked cool!

Overall, the trip was a success, and Iím sure that everyone will be back for the next cruise to the Dromana Drive-in night.

- Kevin Power