1st Club Drag Day – Heathcote Raceway

9th February 2003

Driver Vehicle Best ET/MPH
Brett (Shubes) LX Torana 12.8 @ 108
Quentin LH Torana 12.5 @ 110
Peta LH Torana 13.2 @ 107
Simon Mazda RX2 11.2 @ 127
Kath Mazda RX2 15.1
Paul XD Ford Ute 17.1
Tam XD Ford Ute 17.2
Issy Mazda RX2 14.4 @ 91
Keith Mazda RX2 14.6 @ 98
Dave (DC) LX Torana 15.9 @ 84
Ado HX Panelvan 14.99 @ 91
Liz HG Monaro 19.47
Adam (Gordz) LX Hatch 16.1
Renee LX Hatch 15.7 @ 88.1
Michael EH Holden 17.0
Kevin EF XR8 15.8
Kelly EF XR8 15.6
Sarah LX Torana 15.4
Dean VK Commodore 13.9 @ 104
Cliff XF Falcon 14.98 @ 92

Well, what a turnout, more cars than predicted, hotter weather than predicted, and far more competition than expected. With a heap of cars in attendance (over 30), it was an organisational nightmare gone completely right. Most of the crew chose to basically head off at around 8:00am for a leisurely two hour cruise to Heathcote Park Raceway. Picking up a few tag-alongs on the way, arriving between 10:00 and 11:00 in the morning. As far as I knew everyone got through scrutineering with ease and at 12:30, the track was opened and racing began.

We had a few first timers in attendance, and as a result, some of the early passes were not representative of their vehicles ultimate performance. But as the day progressed, times tumbled, and almost everyone was happy with their results.

After the lunch break, we ran a ‘Closest to 22 seconds’ competition, which a lot of people contested. With a number of people running within half a second of 22 seconds, the competition was fierce. After that, some more grudge racing, followed by the DYO Eliminations. Both Male and Female classes were full and I do believe I can say that the girls were far more competitive than the guys!!!

A big thanks to the officials at Heathcote who provided a couple of trophies which were awarded at the end of the day – well done to the winners, Mark & Kelly!!

The list of results shows some of the quarter mile times run on the day. Unfortunately we don’t have a complete list, as we only got the times that were submitted at the last meeting, sorry to anyone we’ve missed….

- Dave J.