Dam Dam Dam Run

17th August 2003

A good group of members and cars gathered at the usual Club Kilsyth meeting spot and, despite the nice weather, it still felt dam early for a Sunday morning. Dave stood up on his presidentís podium (a.k.a. a rock) and gave us the run down on the dayís plans for the 16 cars, 27 people and BBQ trailer that were ready to cruise.

Fuelled for the day on pies and energy drinks, we headed out through Montrose, Mount Evelyn and on to Silvan Dam. Not without humour though. Someone up front missed the turn off into Silvanís entrance and the rest of us followed in blind faith. So then came the fun of a convoy of 16 cars needing to do a U-turn on a narrow road. A good spot to pull off the road was foundÖ well good enough for a few cars at a timeÖ which left the rest of us queued back down the road, blocking it temporarily, which must have left innocent Sunday drivers wondering what was going on. At least those of us towards the back were treated to a (tyre) smoke signal indicating where to turn.

Once inside we toured through the car parks and lined up all the cars, giving the chance for some photos and mid-run tune-ups.

Next, we cruised on out to Cardinia Dam. A nice spot but how was the wind!!! We made a move to the lower, more survivable, car park where a few kangaroos dropped by to admire the impressive line up of cars. Departing the venue saw more fun as everyone scraped their way out over a particularly nasty speed hump.

The roads then took us onto Lysterfield Lake, but not without another group u-turn effort after this time all heading a few kmís in the wrong direction. One servo owners eyes must have lit up seeing a stream of fuel guzzlers pulling inÖ only to drive right on through. At least he got a good show.

We parked the cars and the BBQ trailer was fired up for everyone to cook their lunches, while a few passengers decided it was time to top up on the previous nightís drinking.

The stops gave a chance for a few to show off some new changes to their cars including Kath & Simonís born again Gemini (hardly recognisable as the same car) and Brettís shiny new fat and skinny Centrelines. Others showed off engine work while the rest of us dreamt (read: crapped on) about the next thing on our carís to-do lists. Words of advice were sought (and often dismissed) and we all relaxed and had a good time.

A great day was had by all and a big thanks goes to Dave for organising such a dam dam dam good run!

- Michael Weir