Christmas Party - Murrindindi

6th December 2003

I joined the convoy of cars in Yarra Glen, after they had met at Club Kilsyth and started their journey out to Murrindindi to camp for this years club Christmas Party. I was on time for a change and thought to get myself something to eat; I looked up and unfortunately everyone else was on time too so I had to eat it on the way.

There was a good mix of cars, one being Brett’s blue Torana with freshly sprayed engine bay not long before, all ready to brave the dirt road ahead! Road? – That’s too generous. It was more like a dirt track. When we arrived at the fees box there was a bit of a crowd around Quentin so I went over to see what the fuss was all about. He was giving away shots so I figured I better have one!! Boy what a mistake! HOT!!! Lesson to be learned – never take free alcohol from smiling man! Especially when hot chilli is involved!

At the first spot we pulled up to, we decided there were too many people around so a more suitable area was needed. So back into the cars and further up that dirt track! A few kays down and everyone found a respective patch to pitch their tents, some in vain either waking up in someone else’s tent or getting up in their car. But more on that later.

Once the village had been set up, the games were set to begin. The first task was the spark plug changing competition, which was good when no one interfered with the person attempting to change the plugs, or someone running away with either the head itself or the ratchet!!! The final round came down to Dave J and Shubes, with Dave taking it out. Well done Mr. President!! We’re all wondering how many hours you spent practising!

Next up was the camshaft throwing competition. It was no surprise who won that – Quentin! But there were some troubles when one of my throws resulted in the trusty old Holden 4 pot cam breaking into two pieces! Oh well. For the girls, Kelly took the winners rights, with an impressive throw! Top effort by everyone who had a go!

At this stage I would like to thank the committee for giving us their time, and making our club the great club it is. Thank you.

As the night grew young, the stories of the year grew louder as the grog was downed! That mini beer keg certainly didn’t last long as a couple of the boys had themselves a competition of the “skulling straight from the keg for the longest” variety. Twister was also a big hit as many people had a go, some still clinging desperately to their drinks, but the girls were clear winners!! Waking up in the morning I remember again drooling at Paul and Tam’s breakfast on the club BBQ trailer. What a sight – they always seem to have the nicest food!! Mmmmmmm!

Well we stood around still talking about the year that was and the year that was coming, and I dreamed of one day maybe having my car on a club run too. Well I’m sure that the next Christmas party will be filled with new faces and new cars, and I’m looking forward to it already. No doubt there will be a few surprises on the way next year!

- Woz