Autobarn Static Display - Narre Warren

8th November 2003

After such a fantastic response to our first display at Autobarn in Doncaster, we decided to hold another one, this time over at their Narre Warren store. Not being able to have my car at this one, I rocked up as a spectator which made for a good change. The display looked great with the club Torana BBQ trailer parked right at the entrance to the store and the banner hung up nicely showing who we were. The cars on display were roped off from the rest of the carpark so we had the entire area to play with. Those fantastic girls of ours once again took control of the sausage sizzle & cooked up a storm, working hard all day selling heaps of snags and drinks. Thanks again everyone, it's much appreciated, and the club did well from it which was great.

As the day moved on, I was impressed at the number of new cars that rocked up to sit on display, some staying for the whole day, others coming and going. There was a huge mix of just about everything you could imagine, even a couple of hot rods getting involved this time! The final count was somewhere around 40+ cars throughout the day.

Now onto the awards - all vehicles that attended were in the running for three Autobarn sponsored prize packs. After all the staff had a good look around they decided on the following :

Meanwhile the committee had been roaming around too in order to select a winner for the Committee's Choice Award. Based on both preparation & presentation of their vehicle, but also largely due to the amount of effort put into public relations on the day, this award went to, yep, you guessed it - Quentin & Peta! Not a bad days work there guys!

The day pretty much wound down after the presentations, and by mid-afternoon people began leaving, many of whom were sporting a bit of sunburn. Thanks to Simon for ordering the nice weather once again! Also a massive thank-you to all the staff at Autobarn, Narre Warren, for putting up with us & of course for supplying the prize packs!

All in all it was another top day. The cars looked great, the club got a heap of attention, the sausage sizzle & drinks were a big hit, and everyone had a relaxing fun day. Can't wait for the next one!

- Brett Schubert