Autobarn Static Display - Doncaster

20th September 2003

Saturday morning saw an early rise for many as we prepared for a big day over at Doncaster Autobarn. After grabbing all the essentials, I headed straight over where Kath & Simon were already busy attempting to partition off a nice area for all the cars to sit on display. We managed to conveniently place ropes, cars, chairs & eskies absolutely everywhere in order to mark our spot. Having said that, we then watched on in amazement as some super-keen early shoppers still insisted on squeezing their cars through our blockade in order to park as close as physically possible to the front door! In the end those nice people from Autobarn gave us the entire front car park, which we were able to completely rope off. This worked really well as it enabled us to park cars in a random staggered fashion, which looked great.

Before too long Liz headed up the official convoy of cars from their meeting point at Club Kilsyth, and in rolled a big long line of freshly polished cars. Within the space of a few minutes the entire area was full. Once everyone was setup the day was spent chatting with interested onlookers, and munching on hot snags from the trusty old Torana BBQ trailer! Talk about great weather too! It was the hottest day weíd seen in a long time, which resulted in a lot of hot, burnt people! Apparently Simon had ordered that weather some time ago, so a big thanks for that one bud!

With a borrowed battery from Autobarn, Bruce was able to crank up his killer stereo, which provided some tunes for the afternoon, and got a whole heap of attention. It was also great to see the amazed looks on customerís faces as they walked past the BBQ trailer wondering what on Earth it was!

Anyway, various cars left throughout the day, only to be replaced by new arrivals popping in to check out the show. At any one time there seemed to be a solid 20+ cars, which was a fantastic effort by all involved. It was also great to see several new faces venturing down for a look after reading about the day on the GMH-Torana and Ausrotary forums.

Towards the end of the day a Managerís Choice Prize was awarded to Simonís RX2 Mazda, which put a huge big grin on his face as he received a monster bucket full of Maguires car care products! Well done indeed!!

So overall the day was an absolute success. It was a great promotion for the club, and an enjoyable day for all involved. The club made a nice profit from the sale of stubby holders and of course the drinks and sausage sizzle, which literally did not stop! We would like to extend a HUGE thank-you to all those who spent hours and hours looking after the sausage sizzle, drinks, and merchandise sales Ė Peta, Liz, Sarah, Tam & Renee. Top effort guys! Apologies if I missed anyone.

Another HUGE thank-you must go to Autobarn in Doncaster for putting up the Managerís Choice prize and of course for letting us take over their car park for the day! Much appreciated!

Lastly, a quick thanks to all the members who put their cars on display and for spending all that time cleaning & detailing!

- Brett Schubert