6th Victorian All Holden Day

27th January 2003

A nice early start saw a quick detail of the car before jumping in & waking up the neighbours as we headed off (they really love me). We only had 4 club cars entered, but we also met up with another mate for the cruise out. I entered my blue Torana, and Brett Smythe decided to go one better and entered not one, but two Torana's - his yellow LX SS hatch and also the mighty daily driver - both of which were looking a million bucks. David entered his Monaro "ATUFV8" which was looking fantastic on display too, complete with an Aussie flag as part of his display.

The event saw a new venue this year - Sandown raceway. I have to admit I think it's the best venue to date for this kind of event. The FB-EK Car Club are responsible for putting on this day, with help from a heap of major sponsors. As well as the various car displays, they also put on heaps of entertainment to keep everyone happy. With every kind of Holden on display, from the original 48-215's (FX's), right up to the latest Commodores, there's heaps to look at, drool over, and get inspiration from. Everything from totally original, right up to fully modified race cars.

Arriving at Sandown around 8:30, we were immediately checking out all the cool cars. Once through the gates we found a nice spot to park the machines - we were lucky enough to be on grass, which as the day progressed made me realise how fun dust is! I fought it with the Quick Detailer for a while but gave up during the second half of the day. I also discovered that tyre gel is a magnet for dust too!! Yay for dust! We love you dust.

Well as the day went on, I spent my time walking around looking at all the displays, checking out trade stands (although I was told I didn't need any more car parts!), catching up with people, and hanging out back at the cars. Brett's Hatch Hutch was causing a lot of interest, several people even tried to buy the thing!! Mid-afternoon the sun cranked up another few notches & really started to bite. So much for the forecast being showers! There wasn't a cloud to be seen. Anyway, I'm now a nice shade of tomoto red!

Come the end of the day, people started leaving, but a very strong crowd remained behind for the trophy presentation. You wouldn't believe my surprise when I got called out for 3rd place in the LX modified class! I was absolutely stoked! Watch out for cries of "Show us ya trophy..." as I now join the Springcar trophy winners in their quest for boisterous behaviour. It really was a top day though, and I can't wait till next year!

- Brett (Shubes)