Albert Park Lake Night Time Cruise

31st July 2003

Well with extremely average weather all week and a lot of club members having their cars prepped for Calder, the turnout wasn’t too bad. I believe we had 16 cars in total of various types, 17 if you count the black RX2 coupe that came to the meeting point but didn't cruise. Due to the cruise being the night before a lot of members were planning to race at Calder Park, most of the cars were the daily drivers.... but it was still plenty of fun. No run- ins with the boys in blue for the night which was great.

The cruise took us on plenty of multi lane roads with a chance to catch up to each other, and also took us on a lap of Albert Park Lake which I wasn’t expecting... not as exciting as it could be with 40 & 50 km speed limits imposed!! Once there we had a chance to have a good yak to other drivers and all the usual chitchat, then after about 45 minutes we were back in the cars again and taking a different route back towards the Eastern Suburbs. The cruise finished at Macca's in Vermont where most people grabbed a bite to eat and made arrangements to meet ready to head out to Calder the following day.

I only took my daily driver too (I have no excuse as I wasn’t racing the next day) but had a great time cruising with a whole lot of nice cars and friendly people. It was great to catch up with a couple of faces I hadn't seen in a while.

A big thank-you to the boys for organising this run; Ado and Quentin. Great effort guys!

- Simon