2 Fast 2 Furious – A Night At The Movies!

June 2003

Question – What happens when a whole heap of car club members get together and go to see ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’ ?? They leave the cinema with lots of great new ideas on what they can do to their cars next, whether it be nitrous or ejection seats!

Anyway, yes, it was a pretty cool movie! Being the middle of winter, we decided to do something indoors in the warmth, so what better than a car flick! As a big group we managed to take over most of the cinema as we sat down with our popcorn & drinks, and watched cool cars doing cool things!

A big thanks to Dave J for organising the night & buying all those tickets! Keep your eyes on our run lists, as we’ve decided a drive-in movie night will be on the cards next, not too far down the track once the weather starts to get a bit warmer!

- Brett (Shubes)