BBQ Trailer – Part 3

After the Club Drag Day the BBQ trailer made its way to my place for the 2nd instalment of work, making it look pretty. Well by god anyone who has seen it would agree, it does!

Great intentions were made to get it ready well and truly before Easternats, thus having it ready for a test run at Brocky’s Big Day Out. Unfortunately I was busy (as usual) with an important personal project – building my motor. Now as we all know, doing bodywork makes dust, and when building a motor dust is enemy No 1. So I had a major dilemma. Trying to do both was proving very difficult and since I had big plans for Easternats, I prioritised my motor. Once that decision was made everything became easy. Everything fell into place with my motor, which left me with less stress and able to concentrate on the trailer. Three weeks out from Easternats and not much had been done! But all those who know my mindset knew that there was still a very high chance. By the end of the week the bodywork was mostly complete with checker plate flooring and drawbar strengthening and a whole lot of fiddly crap done. Now 1 weeks work doesn’t sound much, but you may not know that I get home at 2.30 in the arvo and usually worked on it til 9 – 9.30 each night, not to mention a couple of weekends. All ads up very quickly after a while! When the committee and I were happy with the minor mods I had already completed I took it upon myself to completely fabricate a new fold down rear door to allow the BBQ to come out further. Removing some of the unfinished edges of the original tailgate and adding a cast claw catch which locks the boot shut with no external catch required.

Next it was time for a trip to Fernglen Panels to get a coat of paint. Adam (Gordz) set about priming the trailer and picking up any imperfections I had missed. By the time I got there to help him block it down he had already done 80% of it so I didn’t have to do much there. It was then time for colour! The first coat was amazing, as it instantly turned it from being a cut up Torana, to being a work of art. The trailer was left to sit the next night as other bits and pieces were painted blue or silver. The Friday of that week I picked it up and returned to my place. There were a whole lot of people who must have got whiplash driving past that night trying to get a second look!!

Plenty of time - 1 week to go. Stickers got ordered for the current sponsors ready for Easternats. Monday arvo Simon rings asking how enthusiastic I am feeling at this point. Tentatively asked why to receiver the answer of “AVON Tyre Service have donated a set of 17 x 71/2” rims with 255/40/17’s on ‘em… BUT they are 4 stud pattern!” Kath picked up the wheels that night and Simon and Ado set to ‘customising’ the wheel arches with special tools #458 & 583a (Grinder and very large hammer). The wheels would then at least fit under the guards. After many calls, an engineer was found who would modify the axles to suit the new stud pattern and prior to the Nat’s too. Ado was sent off early that next morning only to find they had changed their minds. Quick thinking took him to a well known diff converter in Dandenong who helped out by informing us that Gemini axles run the same bearing and retaining plate and would work for a short term solution (they are about 1” shorter than Torana axles). That night Simon removed the axles from one of his many Gemini’s plus a spare wheel to suit and we were set.

The Trailer was cut & polished over both Wednesday and Thursday nights and the stickers all went on Thursday night (read – night before). At around 10.30pm the trailer was finally ready to go to Easternats. Simon at this stage thought now would be a good time to prep his car for the event!

After drawing a constant crowd at our display at Easternats it returned to my place. Arrangements were made and the trailer got delivered to Trimart for the upholstery and a custom tonneau cover. Hours were spent choosing the materials and design, with Matt’s experience and advice saving us from staying there the night. The trailer was to be used as part of the clubs McHappy Day display. When I arrived on Saturday morning I couldn’t believe how awesome the trailer now looked. Everyone who was there to pick it up couldn’t stop smiling – after they picked their jaws up off the ground. The trailer amazed all at McHappy Day - members and general public alike. The day after it returned to Trimart for the tonneau to be completed. The trailer was then rewired and a brand new gas bottle donated along with other miscellaneous finishing items by All Power Auto Electrics. Andy is also going to assist with a permanent solution to the axle issue.

And that is where it sits now.

Plans for the future include some internal mods to make it a little more user friendly and hopefully an entry into the ‘best BBQ idea’s’ competition to help boost the publicity for the club and its sponsors.

“All this was inspired by an afternoon of drinking and spinning sh*t. Imagine what Kath could come up with if she drank more!!!”

Article taken from the July 2003 newsletter - Written by Paul W.

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