BBQ Trailer – Part 2

“What if we cut the car in half and put the BBQ in the boot, still with the back seat in it as a couch, and just put a drawbar on the front so we can tow it around?” “Yeah, that sounds pretty cool, lets do that!” “All we need is a car...Gords has a car!” ”He just wants it gone...hmmmmmmm”. “Yeah I reckon that’s a plan!”

And that’s how it all started, the head turning machine, otherwise known as the barbeque trailer, a crazy idea, turned into reality. We can thank Kath for that one, with input from almost every single club member. All that was required was some time and a BBQ. Straight around to Gords’ with a dirty big angle grinder, not much convincing was required. A few vital decisions were made before the sparks started flying. Roughly cut into shape the remaining rear half of the shell was transported to my garage where it was to sit for almost two months.

At this stage, we encountered a problem...we didn’t have a barbeque! Little progress was made until the decision was made by the committee to purchase a barbeque, specifically for the trailer. The day it was purchased, work re-commenced and I worked on it for three days straight in an effort to have it ready for paint by the spring car nationals.

The rear half of the boot was modified for barbeque clearance, the doors were refitted and welded shut, mounts for the barbeque rollers were fitted, a drawbar and many other panels were fabricated and welded into place. And all this before any paint prep was even considered.

Ok. Barbeque is fitted, seats still fit, lights work and it hooks up to a car. Its time to break out the bog...and lots of it! 6 kilograms disappeared into the creation over the next two days and nights, and it was as close as it was going to get. Off to Gords’ work (Fernglen Panels), who have gladly agreed to supply paint for us, for some lovely new cloths, a very pretty coat of yellow etch primer and blue guide coat, just in time to hook it up and head for Shepparton.

The barbeque had a rough ride up to Shepparton, dodgy welds and some extremely rushed engineering had failed and as a result it had fallen and twisted. This also allowed a knob or two to fall off and disappear out the hole in the floor where the fuel filler used to be. Performing faultlessly for the next three days at Springcar and returning without further damage, the barbeque trailer had done well. Cobbled together in just over five days, it managed to make its presence felt in the local Shepparton newspaper and many Shepp goers happy snaps, as well as turn a hell of a lot of heads.

Since then some improvements to the mountings have been done and it is far more user- friendly than before. New wheels and some revised thought are currently under discussion. Other future plans include cup holders, and umbrella and a fixed gas tank, as well as some shiny new paint, Eastside Blue, of course.

I would like to personally thank Gords, Simon, Paul, Kath, Quentin, Matt, Scoobert, Renee, Lukas and Adrian for their contribution during those few days leading up to Springcar 2002. And I would also like to thank every member for his or her fantastic ideas, creativity and enthusiasm.

Article taken from the January 2003 newsletter - Written by Dave J.

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