BBQ Trailer - Part 1

The BBQ trailer was a crazy concept born on a lazy arvo...the idea was to create a BBQ trailer for Eastside Cruisers to take on cruises/events. The concept was to use the rear half of a car with the BBQ in the boot and retain the rear seats for visual purposes as well guessed it...seating!

Once the idea was hatched, a few of us quickly came across a project that was going nowhere currently. The LH Torana was donated to the cause and before any minds could change out came the wrecking saw and the roof was removed along with the front. Work progressed on it thanks to many hands to what it is today.

The set up is a LH Torana sedan, cut off just after the B pillar on an angle up and back to halfway along the rear door. The rear doors (cut to match) were then welded to the body of the car. The door handles were retained to help keep the body identification and lines. Panels were made to match the outer skin of the doors to the inner lines of the shell. A custom tail gate that folds down replaces the normal area between the tail lights (which remain and are functional as the trailer lights) which when folded down allows the BBQ to roll out on its tracks for ease of use! When rolled away and the tailgate is up the rear looks just like the real thing. A custom drawbar was added to the section at the front to bring total length to just under registration requirements (however the trailer will now be registered once complete). The drawbar is covered with checker plate due to it being a high wear/load area.

With the bodywork complete the creation was given a coat of eastside (royal) blue paint thanks to one of our members who is a painter and Fernglen Panels in Ferntree Gully, who donated the materials and paint for the bodywork and finish. To add to the look a set of 17 x 7 rims and tyres were donated by Avon Tyre Service in Canterbury. To finish it right off, Trim Art in Ferntree Gully came to the party to custom trim the SLR rear seat, parcel shelf and provide a custom Tonneau. All Power Auto Electrics in Bayswater providing various materials for completion plus a brand spanking new gas bottle. The trailer has the Eastside Cruisers logo on the sides and our sponsors listed on the boot lid where they are clearly readable when set up at events and the like.

It normally travels to all of the clubs calendered events and is available for members to use at these events for lounging on...oh and cooking their lunch!

Eastside Cruisers would like to extend a HUGE thanks to the sponsors that made it possible for the BBQ trailer to become reality:

Eastside Cruisers would also like to extend a HUGE thanks to the members who put in all the hard hours of work to make this crazy idea the work of art it now is!

If you would like to know more about the creation of the BBQ Trailer, have a read through the articles written while the BBQ trailer was under construction by clicking on the links below, and browse the photos taken at various stages to witness the transformation.

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