Club History

Past Events

In 2021 a new social club page was created to replace the public group and is now used (along side the members only group) to promote our events. A summary of these events has been captured here.

BBQ Trailer

The BBQ trailer was a crazy concept born on a lazy arvo...the idea was to create a BBQ trailer for Eastside Cruisers to take on cruises/events. The concept was to use the rear half of a car with the BBQ in the boot and retain the rear seats for visual purposes as well guessed it...seating!

If you would like to know more about the creation of the BBQ Trailer, have a read through the articles written while the BBQ trailer was under construction by clicking on the links below, and browse the photos taken at various stages to witness the transformation.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

The Hall of Fame

This area is dedicated to all the special and loved cars that our members, both past and present, have since parted with. To make it into the Hall of Fame, the cars must have been active within the club, attending cruises & events. To these cars we wish to bestow the honour of being immortalized in our Hall of Fame so they may always be remembered. Click on the link below to view the Hall of Fame...

Hall of Fame Cars